fresh in the miracle of birth, your eyes were the universe


Veni, veni, Emmanuel. Captivum solvet israel


Blame it on the Nazis

Blame it on the ovens

That burned even the survivors

Palestinians are the second victims

Jews, again, the third

It’s like child abuse, we tell ourselves

Trying to make sense of the atrocities

That leap up out of the front page every morning.

How can it be? Not you, not you, Israel

Nothing makes me hate my own country more than what it has done to you

Turned you into its whore, armed you and set you loose among its enemies

Psychotic warped and twisted child abuser

Grown up out of your own terrible abuse

But no frail and broken-hearted innocent

No. Strong. With a heart of stone

Nourished on the Red, White and Blue vein

I stare with hatred into the whorehouse window

At the jewel-encrusted pimp’s hand

That caresses your bloodstained cheeks

I hear the wail of dying children

Your laughter freezes my heart

The Midas touch

I loved you so much

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