fresh in the miracle of birth, your eyes were the universe


You ignorant fuckers

You should know better

And the more kind and loving your reason for doing it

The worse it is

The more tragic it is

Because it’s not just a matter of lighting a candle

Fire is not a thing to be played with

Light can shine in any direction

But if you are trying to light a true path

Direction counts


An image is never neutral

It speaks – some say a thousand words

Flags fly over armies

Judge a flag by what its army has done

If you wave the French flag

You are waving it over tortured and murdered bodies

In Algeria, Vietnam, Mali, the Congo,

The list goes on around the world

And back again to Paris and Marseilles

A nation state is a flag, an army, and the class that gives it orders

You are not in the loop

It’s not your flag

Nor the Union Jack nor the American rag…

It’s the flag of the army that will come to slaughter you

If you try to change the world and look like you might succeed

Threaten their power

And you will find out whose flag it is


I know many of you are kinder than me

Have more courage

Understand things I don’t

Live up to what you believe in

I know you see the same terrible things I see

And you don’t sit back, you’re hungry for ways to fight against it

And I understand the beauty of such vast numbers of people

Around the world reaching out for a symbol to say

Our hearts are with you

One simple gesture

In such a great wash of human sympathy

It could almost change the meaning of the flag

But it doesn’t

It still belongs to the army and the class that governs it

And they have plans

They will use every wave of that flag as a vote in a referendum

War doesn’t happen by accident

What would a flag be without a big parade behind it

And if you wave that flag, you are marching in the parade

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