The River Was a God

 In the beginning was the tiger…

The River Was a God 

by David Lee Morgan
 U.K. edition  

Three poetry shows from the Edinburgh Fringe…
1. Science, Love and Revolution
2. Building God
3. The Other Side of the Flood

“David’s work is a lion’s roar folded neatly into a snake bite
and mailed to the Aristocracy of the world… “
Tshaka Campbell, poet and spoken word artist  

“David Lee Morgan echoes the howl of Ginsberg, mixing Shelley’s passion for humanity with the revolutionary spirit of Che Guevara.
Matt Panesh (aka monkey poet),
President, UK Centre, International Theatre Institute  

“David’s work is controversial, it’s provocative, while being astoundingly beautiful – everything poetry should be.”
Lisa Luxx, poet, essayist and activist