Gender Wars

We’re going through big changes in our understanding of sex and sexuality – and of what it means to be human. Meanwhile, the world is crashing around us. Fascism is rising. The planet is melting. We must unite and fight the real enemy – not each other. We should be having gender debates – not gender wars. I have my own point of view, which I will present in the first half of the show. Then, I will open it up for friendly discussion
FREE except for a booking fee of £1.25 per ticket

Weds. August 18, 7pm
Chapter One, Affirmative Care
Chapter Two, Sex as a Continuum

Thurs. August 19, 7pm
Chapter Three, Access to Woman-only Spaces
Chapter Four, Gender Identity
Chapter Five, Are Transwomen Women

Fri. August 20, 7pm
TBA (will be determined by what happens in the first two nights)

Sat. August 21, 7pm

Sun. August 22, 7pm

Sometimes rights intersect – sometimes they collide 
History is binary in complicated ways
We don’t all fit together like a finely crafted jigsaw puzzle 
One love, one struggle, yes 
But unity is not a god given state of grace 
We have to fight for it 

Fight to protect each other 
Fight to understand each other 
And sometimes, fight against each other 
Not as enemies, but fearlessly 
Like comrades, hungry for the truth 
No matter how painful it is to learn

We are on the side of human liberation 
We welcome debate 
You have a right to be wrong 
You have a right to make mistakes 
We each have an obligation to be brave 
To speak our mind 
To dare to go against the tide 
It’s how we learn from each other 
It’s how we become strong 
It’s how we become kind