Taking Sides

Poems on Gender


Can take you over 
Can cloud your mind 
Can make you forget 
At first, you were fighting for a cause 
Now you’re just fighting to win 

The devil can cite scripture for a purpose 

Because they’re the devil 
They don’t give a shit about the truth 
You have to be made of sterner stuff 
You have to be unbending about this 
You are fighting for truth, nothing less 
So you have to be fair 
You have to take on their best arguments 
Jumping on dumb mistakes might be amusing 
Might be totally deserved 
But you have to be constantly asking yourself 
Why am I doing this 
Is it to prove I was right 
Or to get to the truth
And use it  
To make a better world  

There’s a pure joy to be had 
In tearing apart a hypocritical argument 
It’s fun to do and a great spectator sport 
But don’t pick at the edges 
Don’t go for the easy thrill 
Go deep 
Go to the heart of things  
Cheap shots don’t kill

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