If I Had a Heart

Poems on Gender

What if Capitalism walked into a classroom and gave the students a brief lecture entitled…  


Okay, let’s talk about the body 
The body is a tool, but it’s a product too 
You have to buy your body back every day 
Pay for the food you eat, the bed you sleep in   
The clothes you wear, but even better, we can 
Sell you a new body, a different colour hair 
Shaved armpits, pubes, eyebrows, noses, piercings, tattoos 
It’s decoration, it’s art, but we’re just getting started 
We can cut you into pieces and sew you back together 
And let’s be clear 
This can be a wonderful thing to do 
The body breaks down 
And we can fix it, sometimes 
And when we can’t you die 

But in the meantime, why stop at fixing it 
Let’s make a new body, yes we can 
We’re only at the starting stages 
But the rocket’s on the launch pad 
And we can see the destination 

Think of yourself as a grain of rice 
Nature made you 
And used to be, we just took what nature gave us 
And thought up ways to make a buck out of it 
But science happened, and now we own you 
We have a copyright on your rice DNA 
And we can go inside, chop it up, and sew it back together 
Until nature can’t do a damn thing unless we tell it to 

The human personality is an infinite onion 
You can peel away the skin, layer by layer 
And never get to the bottom 
The inside goes on forever 
But the human body is not like that 
It’s like a grain of rice 
More complicated, same principle 
We can map it 
And then make you buy back every damn inch of it 

If I had a heart, I would pity you 
We start fucking with your head before you’re even born 

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