Believe Scientists

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No, no, no, no, no 
Science is not a priesthood 
It’s not a College of Cardinals 
No scientist, no matter how decorated 
No matter how great their achievements 
Is a Pope, speaking ex cathedra 
Believe and obey 
That’s not science – that’s religion 
We don’t need a planet of believers 
We do need a planet of scientists 

To respect science
You must become a scientist 
You don’t need a degree
You don’t need a laboratory 
You don’t need a job working at the Hadron Collider 
What you need, what we all need
Is a basic understanding of the scientific method 
Of experimental design, the importance of sample size
Control groups, how to filter out the extraneous factors  
How to read a scientific report with a bullshit detector 

Science is not down to some mad genius in a basement
Writing equations on a blackboard that no one else understands
There is a place for that, but it’s embedded in a vast social enterprise
Modern science is a product of the printing press 
And the telegraph and the telephone and the radio and the internet
Every advance in mass communication 
Is a leap in our ability to learn from experience 
Not just our own, but other people’s too
That’s what science is – a systematic way of doing this 
Scientific knowledge is a social creation
And as long as society is a battleground
Between the rich and the poor 
Science will be a battleground too 
They say truth is the first casualty of war
But if you’re fighting for a lie, you’ve already lost
So if you want to make a better world 
If you’re serious about revolution 
If you want to be a soldier in the army of human liberation 
You must become a scientist 

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