1. Hello,
    I met you in Tunis at the world social forum, and I very liked your poems. Can I ask the lyrics of the one called “what is to be done” please
    I very enjoy this one in particular
    Thank you
    Kind regards.


  2. Have seen you at the Fringe: intellectual, profound, rhythmic. Touching!
    A Highlight at this Festival. Thank you!

  3. Yes, my fellow poet, your poem and your tone and style of your recitation are very very good and charming. I am so pleased to listen to you. I do hope, in future, we will meet together in a place.

  4. I saw David at the Morecambe Fringe this month. As a poet, I was impressed. Not just the sheer scale of work, and his remembering it all, but I thought it walked the line well between didacticism and ‘lyricism’ (for example). Often, if I felt a piece start to approach preaching, a well-observed simile – or similar such device – lifted me up further, and kept me in the poem.

    Talking about the subject matter, I am glad I went, despite not always fully agreeing with everything. It was refreshing to hear about non-agreement as normal (something we might tend to forget, as the spectre of Cancel Culture looms). Anyway, aside from ‘agreement’, I had my perspective widened, and learned something.

    In summary, thank you David. Keep up the good work 🙂

  5. Today I wanted to find out more information about you. I went to your site and found a lot of interesting things. I admire your inexhaustible vitality! You can be a worthy role model. Respect.

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